The Good Kitten

His hand smacks her bare bottom again and she lets out a tiny scream that is a mix of pain and pleasure. He rubs her red raw cheeks and looks at her laying across his lap, her pink panties pulled down to her knees. He lets her down and stands and looks down at her kneeling in front of him, her head bowed.

“Kitten” he says firmly.

She looks up at him, her eyes watering from her punishment, and responds in an obedient tone. “Yes My Master?”

“Why did I have to punish you?”, he asks in the same firm tone.

She lowers her head again and says softly, “Because I did not obey My Master.”

“And what did you do?”, he asks.

“I made My Master cum before I was told. I am a bad Kitten.”

“Yes you are.”

He reaches down and strokes her hair gently, she closes her eyes and leans into his touch. He sits back down and snaps his fingers and orders, “Kitten, come.”

She immediately crawls over to him and lays her head in his lap. He strokes her hair and she knows to touch him. She caresses him through his boxers then he pulls her hair gently, it is another unspoken command, and she obeys. She reaches in pants and pulls out his hard cock. She kisses and teases him before slowly taking him into her mouth. She works him with her mouth and hand, she know what he likes, kisses and nibbles, and his testicles caressed. And she knows when he’s getting close. She moans a little each time he pulses him her mouth. And just in time she stops, and squeeze his testicle firmly. One more second and he would have cum.

He pulls her up and kisses her nose and lips gently.
“Good Kitten.”

She smiles and curls up in his lap with her head on his chest, always slowly stroking him to keep him hard, just as she was told to do. He rewards her obedience with gentle caresses and soft kisses on her neck and shoulders where she likes it. Then he runs his hand over her butt and slips his finger easily into her. She is very wet.

“Very good Kitten” says in a pleased tone.

She moans softly as he fingers her. First one finger then two and positioned his thumb perfectly to tease her butt. Her moans become louder and she starts squeezing his penis harder. Suddenly she stops stroking him and grabs his shoulder, digging her nails in.

“May I cum My Master?” She begs. He says nothing, instead he bites her shoulder.

She reaches between her legs and grabs his hand, she dares not try to stop him.

“May I cum My Master?” She can barely get the words out. “Please.”

She turns her head and bites his chest and finally he says, “Yes.”

Her whole body shakes as she cums. Once her tremors subside he pulls his hand from between her legs and licks her cream off his fingers. He takes hold of the pink leather collar around her neck pulls her to her feet. He turns her around and runs his fingers over her shoulders and down her back and asks,

“What is this?”

She responds, “My Master’s soft skin”.

He grabs her ass hard with both hands. “What is this?”

“My Master’s perfect booty”

He pulls her close, reaches around and puts his hand between her legs. She gasps as he slides his finger inside her and slowly pulls it out over her clit.

“And this?”

Again she responds without hesitation, “My Master’s playful kitty.”

He turns her around and gently touches her lips, his finger still wet with her juices.

“And what are they for?”

She blushes and says, “Anything My Master wants.”

He takes her hand and puts it on his dick, “And what does my Kitten want?”

“To please My Master.” She replies.

He spins her around again and bends her over in front of him. He gives her ass a few smacks each followed by a firm squeeze. Enough to sting but not hurt. He admires his red handprint on her butt. Then he steps away.

“Good Kitten”, he says as he sits back down and motions for her to come over to him.

“Now you can make me cum.”

She tries to hide her smile as she walks over and kneels in front of him.