The Mission

Modern BDSM embraces a wide variety of practices, themes, and kinks from shades of grey to rainbows of pastel. But what most people see, and typically judge, is just surface material. There’s much more at play than the ropes and paddles might lead you to believe.

Sylk Magazine aims to be a guide to and a deeper exploration of the BDSM lifestyle. We will be looking beyond the practices and techniques to the underlying philosophies. As we explore we hope to not only shed some light on a deeply misunderstood and extremely diverse community, but also come to a deeper understanding of society and human nature.

We believe that the principles of BDSM—and indeed many of the practices—apply to more than just kink. If you keep an open mind and take the time to peel back the leather and latex you might just discover a better way of looking at relationships, sexuality, and social dynamics. And may even learn something new about yourself.